Here is a selection of some frequently asked questions.

Do you only design kitchens?

We will be more than happy to look at designing any part of your home or workspace.

How do you accept payment?
  • You can pay securely through our website
  • Credit Card via Pay Pal (you do not need your own Pay Pal Account to do this)
  • Bank Transfer
When do you expect payment?

Payment is taken when you order our service through the website.

What if I don't like your design?

This has never happened to us thankfully.

We give you the opportunity to change your design 3 times which with experience has proved to be sufficent. 

There is the opportunity to make more changes but these are chargeable.

Got a question of your own?

Either use the contact form on our contact us page or use the Facebook Messenger Live chat icon on this website.